The Watchman Of the Lord (Book 1)

The Watchman Of the Lord (Book 1)

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This book is from the very words spoke by Bill Vincent during a Sound the Alarm Conference. THE WATCHMAN OF THE LORD is full of things God has spoken that the Church needs to hear. Are you burning with a passion to pursue the position on the wall as watchman of the Lord? Sound the Alarm is a prophetic cry to forsake religious tradition and usher in revelation of the Lord. Now is the time for the Church to return to the power of preaching a pure Gospel. THE WATCHMAN OF THE LORD must Sound the Alarm, the trumpet for a radical movement of breakthrough. Bill Vincent offers insight and solutions for Christians in a nation that is in crisis. This powerful book is filled with prophetic truth, scripture, and quotes from the many facts concerning some issues that have caused a spiral of evil in the world. Sound the Alarm! THE WATCHMAN OF THE LORD encourages the reader to shift their perspective from one of fear to one of hope for a changed future. Whether you intend to start your own prayer watch, or learn how to become a watchman on the wall alone, you will come away with a long list of things that will help you to experience more of God daily-and more of His glory and power in your life!


Author: Bill Vincent
Narrator: Dan Caringer
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 34 minutes
Release Date: 06/17/2020