The Water Legacy

The Water Legacy

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Fire and Water are forbidden.


Liam and I survived the Elemental Cup, but the tournament was only the beginning. The Koigni Elders were impressed by my performance and believe I can help them take over the entire tribe.

But they’re asking me to fight for a cause I don’t believe in, and forcing me to use my magic in ways that feel wrong. I must learn how to use my powers to contact the ancestors— or I’ll lose everyone I love.


Sophia Henley’s now my girlfriend. And, oh yeah, I’m supposed to kill her.

The Water council has promised they’ll bring my Familiar back from the dead— my literal soul— if I take Sophia’s life. But I love her more than I love myself. How can I make such an impossible decision? Even worse, how could I possibly live without her? 

But this isn’t about us anymore. If don’t fulfill my mission, thousands will die… and Sophia and I are both keeping secrets that will change everything. 


Author: Megan Linski, Alicia Rades, Hidden Legends
Narrator: Jennifer Jill Araya, Graham Halstead
Publisher: Crystallite Publishing
Run time: 16 hours 2 minutes
Release Date: 09/10/2019