The Way Maker and the Scarlet Cord: In the Quake of Two Supernatural Collusions

The Way Maker and the Scarlet Cord: In the Quake of Two Supernatural Collusions

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Her body was weak from giving birth. Her soul was fragile, wishing desperately that she could hold her baby, but she had not even been allowed to see her baby. Under the influence of drugs, she could vaguely remember a baby crying, and then the sound of her baby being whisked away from her. Forever.

No not forever. Hopefully not forever. She must return somehow for her baby.

When thirty-year-old Jezra felt her baby move for the first time, a spark of life also entered her heart. Suddenly, she found mysterious comfort in the words spoken many years ago by her grandfather's maid. "Your mom had a change of heart, Jezra. She had been offered a considerable amount of money to have a baby for your grandfather. But as she felt the life you brought moving and kicking inside of her, the value of money lost its importance. All she wanted was you… her name was Rahab."

Jezra and her unborn baby were part of a generational blood pact. Determined not to give her baby into the hands of those commanding dark powers, she runs into a journey of horrifying uncertainty.

In this suspense packed sequel to The Miracle Maker and the Misfits, two women are searching for the love of family which has been stolen from their lives. Rahab has discovered a new blood covenant. For many years she has held on to its scarlet cord of promises, whereby she believes the Way Maker will save her and her family. But how much longer can her faith endure? Can they be saved after all?

Find out in The Way Maker and the Scarlet Cord.


Author: Dixie Koch
Narrator: Darby Reed
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 9 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 08/02/2018