The Wedding Charade: A Sweet Marriage of Convenience Romance

The Wedding Charade: A Sweet Marriage of Convenience Romance

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How does a lesson in love go from ruse to reality?

Divorce attorney Kayla Brooks knows more about broken marriages than is healthy for any woman’s heart. So, when her college-aged niece joyfully announces her engagement, Kayla is determined to derail the wedding plans. To her mind, saving Whitney from an early marriage is saving her from inevitable heartbreak.

Football coach and single dad Zander Reed’s world is rocked when his twenty-two-year-old son announces he’s going to marry a girl Zander didn’t even know Matt was dating. Because he married far too young himself, Zander’s desperate to keep his son from repeating his mistake.

United by their concern, Kayla and Zander join forces to convince the young lovebirds to postpone their wedding. But their carefully laid plans go awry as the lines between reality and ruse blur, leaving Kayla and Zander to wonder if they aren’t the ones who need to learn a lesson about true love


Author: Caroline Mickelson
Narrator: Melissa Durbin
Publisher: Caroline Mickelson
Run time: 4 hours 49 minutes
Release Date: 10/01/2021