WINDING ROAD TO LOVE, THE: Witness the perils of deep, forbidden love

WINDING ROAD TO LOVE, THE: Witness the perils of deep, forbidden love

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A rabbid romance spars between two unlikely lovers following a chance meeting.

  • A man in his thirties meets a young woman on a train. Butterflies flutter in his stomach and he feels like a teenager again. He just know that he has to talk to her. After mustering up the courage to get her number he’s happier than a kid on Christmas.

The following night he waits anxiously by the phone. Trying to build up the confidence to give her a call. After all, it’s been years since he's been with a woman. Could he really make something out of this potential relationship? The problem is, she’s given him the wrong number. Does she really like him or did she just want to get rid of him?

Following another meeting in a pharmacy the two collide again, however this time the plans turn into action. They organize a number of heartfelt dates, from dinner to a breathtaking walk in the countryside and slowly begin unraveling each other. It turns out they both have similar wounds and as they grow close start to heal from them.

Feelings start reaching an all-time high. With the man even telling his family Sandra. They continue to date, however nothing ais ll as it seems…

Dark memories from the past begin to surface. Sandra holds secrets and it puts the relationship to the test. Will their love be strong enough to overcome this? Or will it fall apart?

His love for Sandra only grows and we find out that he’ll do anything to protect her.

Expect thrills, chills, romance and dark secrets in this love fuelled age turner that takes us deep into the perils of fresh love. We will discover what it means to truly fall for someone as we follow the two lovers on a journey of struggle to come to terms with each other's pains.

  • Dive deep into a world of pure passion as we are given a first hand look at what happens when you find love later in life. 


Author: Paul Director
Narrator: Kevin McAlister
Publisher: Paweł Ochnio
Run time: 1 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 06/10/2021