They Eat Their Own

They Eat Their Own

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"Fans of elaborate worldbuilding will be swept up by the combination of heist action and games of chance..." (Booklife)

A new year has begun, and the annual Sower’s Festival gala is brimming with Dockhaven’s elite and their entourages. Some attend for the spectacle, some for the exotic indulgences, some to augment or gamble away fortunes. Others come to play opening moves in more subtle competitions, ones that will not realize their endgames for months to come.

After a winter of convalescence, Aliara Rift wonders whether she is ready to return to the Thung Toh and if her remade body will betray her. Her mate, Duke Sylandair Imythedralin, has many concerns, the foremost being the looming destruction of the only home in which the two of them have truly felt safe. Together, they will thwart land barons, politicians, and assassins as they navigate their way through a single day in Ismae’s greatest port city.

They Eat Their Own is the second Thung Toh Jig, a science fantasy action adventure following members of Ismae's preeminent covert organization as they execute contracts for Dockhaven's most powerful and ruthless citizens.


Author: Amanda K. King, Michael R. Swanson
Narrator: Heather Masters
Publisher: Ismae Books
Run time: 9 hours 36 minutes
Release Date: 05/24/2021