Thunderbolt: an NTSB / military technothriller

Thunderbolt: an NTSB / military technothriller

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"Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more." – Publisher's Weekly

"(Miranda Chase is) one of the most compelling, addicting, fascinating characters in any genre since the Monk television series." – Ernest Dempsey, Sean Wyatt adventures

The best ground-attack support fighter jets ever built—the A-10 Thunderbolt "Warthogs"—are falling out of the sky. The Air Force brass repeatedly schemes to decommission this low-tech jet. They've been blocked by soldiers, pilots, and Congress…so far. 

The "Hog" lies at the crux of a high-tech struggle for power. An interagency skirmish that now rapidly descends into a battle fought on a global scale. 

Miranda Chase, air-crash savant for the National Transportation Safety Board, and her team dive in. The high-risk stakes mount in the battlespace—and a secret from their past could make them the next target. Miranda may become the spark that ignites a war.


Author: M. L. Buchman
Narrator: M. L. Buchman
Publisher: Buchman Bookworks, Inc.
Run time: 9 hours 22 minutes
Release Date: 12/17/2019