Tiny, Gross, and Fascinating: The World of Bugs

Tiny, Gross, and Fascinating: The World of Bugs

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A staple of the summer season is those dreaded mosquito bites you seem to get out of nowhere, but why does it seem like only you get them and others don’t?

Explore the fascinating world of our creepy crawly friends like snails, flies, bees, spiders, and even autonomous insect robots in this best of collection from Seeker, available for the first time in audio.


Author: Seeker
Narrator: Julian Huguet, Trace Dominguez, Amanda Deisler, Amy Shira Teitel, Anthony Carboni, Carin Bondar, Dr. Kiki Stanford, Laci Green, Matt Morales, Natalia Reagan
Publisher: Audiogems by Findaway
Run time: 55 minutes
Release Date: 05/25/2021