To Dad, From Kelly

To Dad, From Kelly

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When Rob Lytle died at age 56, three decades after his football stardom at the University of Michigan ended and his professional career with the Denver Broncos began, his son Kelly Lytle poured his mix of grief, adulation, regret, gratitude, and even criticism into a series of letters to the man he considered his best friend. What began as catharsis evolved into a memoir that starts strong and gains steam the way Rob Lytle did in his dashes down the football field.

To Dad, From Kelly adds dimensions as the author has the insight and candor to peel away the cachet of having a celebrity father and reveal the underside of an all-consuming devotion to a sport.

Along the way, Kelly shares his difficulties with keeping sports competition in perspective. This reflection on an unusually close and complicated father-son bond will be entertaining, poignant, important and inspiring for listeners who love sports and those who don’t because — although football provides a backdrop — the book is really about family, zeal, and character.

A Kelly Lytle audio production.


Publisher: Kelly Lytle
Narrator: Kelly Lytle
Run time: 3 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 10/15/2015