To Love During War

To Love During War

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To Love During War is the sweet/tame version of The Wartime Bride.


My dearest hussar,


Harry, from the day you arrived at St. Vincent’s Fort six months ago, an undeniable attraction began to simmer away between us. Whenever I got too close to you, my traitorous heart skipped a dratted beat and butterflies would abound in my belly. You have tempted me with your honor and integrity, with your deep love for your family and your fellow soldiers-in-arms. I’m aware you will fight to the death to ensure Napoleon doesn’t end up taking Portugal, and so will I. Our enemy cannot be permitted to rule all of Europe, or to force his way onto England’s shores.


I admire all that you are, but you are also from a titled English family and of far better blood than I. My true parents abandoned me as a wee baby and if not for the professor who adopted me, I would have been left to perish. That is why I will never attempt to take our friendship any deeper than I should. Days together enjoying companionable friendship is all that I’ve asked for, but this war keeps tearing us apart, as if we shouldn’t even be permitted that much.


Never fear for me, my hussar—we will both survive this coming battle. It is time for us to slay our enemy, to win this dratted war, then for you to return safely to your family.


Yours in deep friendship, Julia.


Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.


The Duke Who Stole My Heart, #1

The Earl I Adore, #2

To Love During War, #3

My Secret and the Earl, #4

The Prince Who Captured Me, #5

Beware of the Pirate Prince, #6

My Infamous Corsair, #7

Must Love Pirates, #8


Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Narrator: Catherine Bilson
Publisher: Joanne Wadsworth
Run time: 3 hours 57 minutes
Release Date: 05/05/2020