Too Stupid to Fail: Why the Resilient Will Always Beat the Intelligent

Too Stupid to Fail: Why the Resilient Will Always Beat the Intelligent

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Too Stupid to Fail is an examination of the effects self-consciousness, doubt, and anxiety have on one’s ability to succeed and achieve their goals. By challenging and eventually overcoming these barriers, one will gain a renewed self-confidence, leading to success in both personal and professional settings.

Too Stupid to Fail is the completion of many years exploring the power and limits of

human potential. A common narrative encourages people to work hard and go to school as a

launching pad for success. While in school people are often praised for their test results and

there is an unfair attributing success to getting good marks in school. I would never downplay

the incredible link between goal setting and goal achievement where grades in school can play

a significant role yet grades alone simply underestimates the real superpower of success. The

fact is that the intelligent will never outperform the resilient. Those who learn a mental model

that does not conform to societal pressure to accept the world as it is, will have a much higher

capacity to achieve higher levels of success. Those who choose to ignore the signs of stop, quit,

and give up and choose to be too stupid to accept the limiting boundaries of other people

opinions will find themselves the rare few that will write their own script in life.


Narrator: Michael Kramer
Publisher: Experience Leadership
Run time: 6 hours 2 minutes
Release Date: 11/22/2021