Two Moons: Memories from a World with One

Two Moons: Memories from a World with One

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Reincarnation offers a second chance . . . 

but it comes with strings attached. 

On Jay's world coming of age is a big deal. That's when the recollections start. 

Recollections are powerful dreams filled with memories of the dreamer's previous life on Earth. They can lay the foundation of a successful second life, even change the world. 

Jay remembers everything of the woman he was on Earth. Ri Sun-Hui was a brilliant scientist, but she served a dictator's dark dreams. Hers was a life of misery with only a single joy—the precious daughter she would die for. 

Jay's memories are beyond disturbing. They threaten to destroy his new life.

Can Jay escape who he was? 

If you ever wonder "what if?" you'll love this tale. 

Get it now. 

"A sparkling debut that leaves the reader's mental wheels turning."Kirkus Reviews 

★★★★★ "The writing is great, the plot wonderful and the characters mesmerizing. RE Johnston transports readers into interesting landscapes and worlds, and invites them to redefine life." - Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite 

"Adults will enjoy the thought provoking study in the socio-political environment while young adults will identify with the adolescent who enjoys video games, his friends, and his girlfriend. It has the depth of character and connection to family and young love that ground it in our reality today, while at the same time allowing your imagination to soar.” - Susan Stradiotto quoted in Hidden Gems' Best Young Adult Books We've Recently Reviewed 


Author: RE Johnston
Narrator: Daniel Jones
Publisher: Gazebo Bookworks
Run time: 6 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 11/14/2018