Two O'Clock Heist: An Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mystery

Two O'Clock Heist: An Inspector Rebecca Mayfield Mystery

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Two O'Clock Heist sends San Francisco Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield out of her jurisdiction and out of her depth when her inquiries into the murder of an old friend gain the attention of a gang of Russian mobsters.

Richie Amalfi, who Rebecca sees as a charmer with an indifference to the fine points of the law, seems to know a little too much (or maybe a lot too much) about the people who are not only trying to stop Rebecca's investigation, but to stop her permanently. This only makes her question, even more, exactly who Richie is. But for now, he's the only one helping her in the face of threats to her life.

Rebecca's interest in Richie grows as the situation takes a deadly turn. Through him, she looks beyond hard evidence to the secrets at the heart of the case, and in turn, to the secrets of her own heart. But through it all, Rebecca has to wonder if she'll end up as dead as a cold Russian winter.

Join the growing number of Inspector Rebecca Mayfield fans, as the books proceed from One O'Clock Hustle, to Two O'Clock Heist, Three O'Clock Séance, and so on. Once you start them, you'll find the hours just seem to fly by.


Author: Joanne Pence
Narrator: Kristi Burns
Publisher: Quail Hill Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 2 minutes
Release Date: 08/23/2017