Undeceived: Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game

Undeceived: Pride and Prejudice in the Spy Game

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"...if I endeavor to undeceive people as to the rest of his conduct, who will believe me?" -Pride & Prejudice, Chapter 40

Elizabeth Bennet, a rookie counterintelligence officer, lands an intriguing first assignment—investigating the CIA's legendary William Darcy, who is suspected of being a double agent. Darcy's charmed existence seems at an end as he fights for his career and struggles against his love for the young woman he doesn't know is watching his every move. Elizabeth's confidence dissolves as nothing is like she planned—and the more she discovers about Darcy, the more she finds herself in an ever-tightening web of danger.

Unexpected twists abound in this suspenseful Cold War era romance inspired by Jane Austen's classic tale.


Author: Karen M Cox
Narrator: Elizabeth Grace
Publisher: Adalia Street Press
Run time: 9 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 04/15/2021