Under The Mistletoe Trio: A Regency Romance Christmas Collection

Under The Mistletoe Trio: A Regency Romance Christmas Collection

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Three wonderful Regency Christmas tales to warm you up on a cold winter's day, read by Timothy Campbell.

A Scot For Christmas - A friends-to-lovers Christmas Romance!

Lady Emma Duckworth has despaired of ever receiving an offer of marriage. The daughter of an Earl, with a large dowry, should have no difficulty finding a husband. Nicknamed ‘Giraffeworth’, apparently towering over men is not conducive to matrimony. She’s therefore decided to embrace her life and future as a spinster but has one wish to fulfil before she locks herself away. She has to convince the man who owns her heart, a man who barely acknowledges she’s alive, to give her one night of passion.

Lord Of Pleasure (For Christmas) - An enemies to lovers Christmas Romance

A few days before Christmas, Lady Georgiana Marsh has snuck onto the Earl of Hascombe’s estate to take back Apollo, the colt her father had no right to sell. Unfortunately, the devastatingly handsome Daniel Kerrich, Baron de Winter, would rather spend time in the stables than in his brother-in-law’s drawing room and catches her in the act. Before Daniel can arrest the stunning beauty, she distracts him with a kiss under the mistletoe and… knocks him out cold. Now Daniel is determined to get his revenge.

The Duke's Christmas List - A Brother's Best Friend Christmas Romance

Lady Harriet Rondell has particular notions with regard to her future. She refuses to follow her brother’s decree and society’s conventions, by accepting Alexander Montague, the Duke of Bladestow’s offer of a marriage of convenience. Armed with a stolen copy of Blade’s secret—and disgustingly traditional—list of what he really wants in a wife, Harriet is determined to make Blade forget every point on his list and replace it with love.


Author: Bronwen Evans
Narrator: Timothy Campbell
Publisher: Bronwen Evans Author
Run time: 6 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 10/17/2022