Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

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Driven by her awareness someone is out to destroy Tulsa, Jade takes Sandro into the heart of New Orleans to seek help from the Voodoo queens. If anyone can wipe out a choir hellbent on destruction, it’s them. Keeping Sandro on a short leash tests Jade in ways she never imagined possible. In a city where secrets rule, power is won through deceit, and life can be bought or sold at a queen’s whim, they can’t afford to make a single mistake.

Should she fail to secure help in the South, those Jade loves will perish or become enslaved to a system that cares nothing for them. Uncovering the truth about the storms leads them down the dark road of political intrigue, magic, and greed. Without help, the Alley will fall to the machinations of those desiring power at any cost.

The fight for Tulsa’s survival has begun.


Author: R.J. Blain
Narrator: Keira Grace
Publisher: Pen & Page Publishing
Run time: 8 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 01/28/2023