Uprising of the Pencils

Uprising of the Pencils

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This Is Your Favorite World of Writing Utensils Come to Life. An Epic Story about the Pencils Who Go For an Adventure in a Parallel World.

Rise up, pencils, unite! Pencils of all shapes and sizes must band together to overthrow the overly constraining pens that have enslaved them for far too long.

Now is the time to stop feeling like a second-class writing instrument and become dominant in your world. This fun tale will send waves of inspiration through every

penciled manifesto, even if it is incomplete.

It might not be able to withstand highlighters or erasers, but they will need it when their inherent shade of lead starts lacking creativity and color after they bow down to such

tyrannical pens.

The uprising of the Pencils follows a band of pencil power tools as they go on a dangerous and life-changing journey to take back what was rightfully theirs.

From nervous nellies who can't stand up for themselves, to sly scouts using their color to conquer the enemy.

Follow and introduce your kids to these courageous characters as they speak out against tyranny and work together side by side now united against those pens.

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Author: Nico Pengin
Narrator: Jonathan Barker
Publisher: NicoPengin.com
Run time: 47 minutes
Release Date: 01/20/2021