Uprising of the Pencils:: Revised Edition

Uprising of the Pencils:: Revised Edition

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Heavily inspired by the Brain Jacques “Redwall” series, J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and the famous grasshopper scene in “A Bug's Life”

It's time for an abused population to fight for their freedom.

For humans, it's just an old cardboard box with school utensils. For the pencils inside the box, it is San Vado, a city where they were forced to live under the ruling thumb of the Erasers. This dominant minority, headed by Tinta Conde, have held their power for too long.

The self-named monarch commands brutal repressive actions against anyone who is caught conspiring or breaking the law. Ardo, Artesano, and Prisma are just three of the many Pencils tired of the reigning tyranny in San Vado. But one day, the fear widespread by the cruel guards, the Markers, was no longer bigger than their wishes for rising.

Ardo's prophetic dream reveals the existence of a powerful but dangerous weapon that could end pencils' suffering. Is a sure victory that could lead Ardo, to an early end, the one alternative for pencils?


Author: Nico Pengin
Narrator: Nico Pengin
Publisher: NicoPengin.com
Run time: 42 minutes
Release Date: 05/10/2021