Urchin's Gambit: A Resonant Saga Novella

Urchin's Gambit: A Resonant Saga Novella

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To get out alive, Aelya has to go from prime suspect to lead investigator.

When Aelya woke up this morning, she thought she was going to pick up the score of blackmarket yura her gang needed to escape the streets. Instead she finds her dealer dead, and herself arrested as the prime suspect. To save herself she'll have to find the actual murderer, while convincing the lighthair holding her chains he can trust her enough to finish the job.

An epic fantasy novella set in the Resonant Saga universe, twelve months before the start of Beggar's Rebellion. Available free for all listeners. For Assassin's Tribute, a second free Resonant Saga audio novella, please visit www.levijacobs.com.


Author: Levi Jacobs
Narrator: Levi Jacobs
Publisher: Americon Industries
Run time: 1 hours 24 minutes
Release Date: 10/20/2020