Welcome to Magnolia Bloom: A Magnolia Bloom Novella

Welcome to Magnolia Bloom: A Magnolia Bloom Novella

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Welcome to Magnolia Bloom

Where magic more than happily-ever-after awaits … in a castle … in East Texas.

1967. Violet MacInnes resents her genealogy assignment. Everybody knows her great-grandfather was a sea captain. Everybody knows her great-grandmother was the most sought-after debutante in Galveston. Everybody knows they defied society, married, and built an authentic Sottish castle nestled in a magnolia grove.

Evajean Whitson is convinced she was born in the wrong century. In 1867 she shouldn’t want an education. She shouldn’t want to design anything but her debut gown. She shouldn’t want anything other than to be a proper wife.

Her future is set. Debut. Courtship. Marriage. Until Alisdair MacInnes sails into her life. Scottish sea captain. Bastard son. And a man who just can’t give a damn about high society and its expectations.

As Violet digs into the family diaries, she discovers the legacy in the lush magnolias of East Teas almost didn’t happen. And that the family’s famous castle came to life, not a man’s desire, but of a woman’s determination and defiance to take the risk to pursue her dreams. 


Author: Paula Adler
Narrator: Xe Sands, Richard Sawyer
Publisher: Dragon Dreams Press LLC
Run time: 1 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 07/29/2020