Wet Heat: A BWWM Romance

Wet Heat: A BWWM Romance

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Chelsey Hayden lives by strict codes under her family’s name. When you’re a Hayden, you follow the rules and never stray. Especially when it comes to her brother’s friends being off limits, no matter how handsome and sexy they are. She comes from a wealthy family that has set her life according to plan from school, to marriage, and career. That is until the dynamics change and her path crosses with the one she wants to break all the rules for, but she’s scared – scared she’ll reveal her deepest, darkest desires and there will be no turning back.

Xavier Hardy is a man from a humble beginning, working a nine to five, while paying off debt and taking care of his family. Falling for his best friends sister wasn’t in the cards. He knows what he wants, and right now, he wants Chelsey, the curvaceoues beauty he can’t get out of his head. Now if only he could convince her to explore her desires and give into temptation.

If lust takes over, this once off-limits relationship could spiral out of control. Are they ready to test the boundaries and enjoy the ride? 

Warning: Novella, Adult language, not a fluffy romance, fast paced, explicit sex scenes, with a HFN. Don't Read if you're not into graphic sex scenes.


Author: Keke Renee, Keke Renee
Narrator: Lacy Laurel, George Salinas
Publisher: 304publishing Company
Run time: 58 minutes
Release Date: 01/27/2020