What Goes Around...: Does Not Have to Come Back Around

What Goes Around...: Does Not Have to Come Back Around

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We all know the saying What Goes Around, Comes Around, but Does it have to? What about Second Chances. Should we always allow people to pay for their mistakes or do we simply forgive them and hope that they learn or will learn even without any consequences. This short story is about how I came about the name of this book. I was meeting a lawyer friend of mine at the court house and as I drove into the paid parking lot, I immediately noticed that there was only one paid parking spot left. So, I decided to back my truck into that spot because it's easier later on for me to drive out. As I geared my truck in reverse, a young Caucasian man driving an Audi A6 immediately drove into my spot. I was so angry and surprised at the same time because I was sure that he knew that I was backing into that spot. He seemed like he was in a hurry or probably late for court because he quickly got out of his car and almost sprinted the remaining way to the court house. After few minutes of waiting, there was an empty spot available and without any hesitation I quickly drove into that parking spot, parked my truck and met up with my lawyer friend. After meeting up with my friend, I proceeded to the parking lot and as I approached, I saw the parking officer standing in front of that guy's car and was about to write him a ticket. The thought of "What Goes Around, Comes Around" quickly glanced my thoughts and for a split second, I was happy that this is happening to him. At the thought of him getting a $40 ticket for the cost of just $5 made me sad, and without hesitation I called out the officer, yelling excuse me officer this is my car and I was just about to come top it up, please don't write me a ticked. He immediately stopped and walked away. I quickly bought a $5 ticket and on the back I wrote "What Goes Around Does Not Have To Come Back Around." Before I put the ticket under the windshield wiper and drove out of the parking lot.


Author: Peter Evbuomwan
Narrator: Kerry O'Hallaron
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 11/18/2016