When the King Comes: Christ's Return and the Eternal Joy for Believers

When the King Comes: Christ's Return and the Eternal Joy for Believers

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Is Christ coming back? Is Christian faith not in vain? What is the fate of many Christians of many generations? These are possible questions in the minds of many today. Over the time, believers have suffered extreme and harsh prosecution. Just as Christ had said while speaking with the disciples in John15: 18-20. The Apostles were prosecuted, victimized and even killed for preaching the gospel and the faith. Not only had the Apostles, also many believers of different ages suffered for Christ and the faith. Many were arrested, imprisoned, chained and killed. Many were attacked, oppressed and victimized. Many were made to go through pain, agony, torture and torment. Many were hated, rejected and condemned for Christ sake. They were faced with two options "give up the faith and be free, or give up the life ". Many gave up their lives instead of the faith. They never looked back. They never gave up. They never surrendered the faith. They stood with Christ against all odds even at the threat of their lives. The question is "will these suffering of believers be in vain and futile ". The book practically examines and give concrete evidences about "why Christian suffering will not be in vain ". The book depths into biblical assurance of the return of Christ, and why, how, when and what Christ will reward believers who have suffered for His cause and have won the victory. The book further insights into the endless joy and glory that await every believer when Christ comes, and in His kingdom. This book is a practical and helpful book for every Christian, old or young, male or female, who wants to meet with the Lord at His coming. The book is written with the aim to ignite and rejuvenate the hope of the faith in every believer, especially as many are faced with prosecution across the world in this end time, and thus prompt them to a finishing and glorious end.


Author: Dabiri Timothy
Narrator: Hartley G. Lesser
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 10 minutes
Release Date: 10/02/2019