When the Wind Speaks: An Orisha Tale

When the Wind Speaks: An Orisha Tale

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What happens when a deity needs to reconnect with humanity?

They go to New York City, of course.

Oya, the deity of storms, must convey a message. But how can she do it when no Orisha has communicated with a mortal in centuries? To succeed, she must break the ancient rules that have shackled her for ages. 

The world’s hope rests on the shoulders of her holy child, young Manny Martinez, but she’s proving fiendishly hard to reach with a crowded mind full of family reunions, social media, and a city rife with distractions. If time runs out, an all-out war could break out between mortals and immortals alike. 

Find out if Oya can succeed in this short story epilogue to The Gatekeeper’s Staff, a young adult fantasy based on the mythology of the West African gods, where Oya will battle against Mother Internet, Father Technology, and even her own allies.


Author: Antoine Banele
Narrator: Nekia Renee
Publisher: Bandele Books
Run time: 50 minutes
Release Date: 06/26/2021