When Therapy Isn't Enough: Seeking Divine Intervention

When Therapy Isn't Enough: Seeking Divine Intervention

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When Therapy Isn’t Enough integrates both personal and professional experiences to, for the first time, illuminate the intersection of Christianity and self-help. So many Christians and non-religious people are searching for the actual Word of God as the center to their daily lives, their reasons, and their purpose, and they don’t even know it. They want something less preachy, less shame-based, and more centered on the heart of God and what he stands for. When you focus on the Word of God, it is simple, it is fearless, it is non-religious, and it is practical. Heather allows believers and non-believers to come together in a way that no one feels judged.

This book is designed to draw people into an understanding of God’s nature and sovereignty so they can be set free. Heather takes Christianity and makes it less threatening, less guilt-based, less exclusionary, and more welcoming, more accepting, and more inclusive. She connects all of our fears, worries, and trauma and shows us the tools to live a full life in spite of our experiences. This book blends both faith and psychology into a practical yet sustainable method of looking inward and upward for real “self-help.” When you have looked everywhere to no avail, maybe you haven’t looked to the One who can sustain you.


Author: Heather Gorr
Narrator: Heather Gorr
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Run time: 6 hours 1 minutes
Release Date: 07/01/2021