WHITE DOVE, THE: A princess, a patriot, a prisoner--Tasha's quest for freedom.

WHITE DOVE, THE: A princess, a patriot, a prisoner--Tasha's quest for freedom.

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The White Dove by Lois Thompson Bartholomew 

Princess, Patriot, Prisoner. Now Tasha must set her feet on an even more dangerous path to join the man she loves in a fight for freedom. 

The old man turned his chair so that he was by her side. “I have a gift,” he said simply. “For you and the child.” 

He pressed a small bundle into her palm. Without looking she knew what the old man had given her. It was a necklace, a braided chain of rawhide fastened to a small wooden dove, its wings outstretched in a flight to freedom. She and Raina had not been forgotten.

“…Readers will not want to put this book down. Accounts of treachery, deceit, and truth rewarded fill this novel. Escaping from caves and a dungeon, Tasha’s determination to oust Com and rejoin the rebels gives her the courage to strive for her personal freedom and the freedom of her country. Boundless determination, hope, and desire put into action—these are the messages here.” Copyright 2000 Kirkus Associates, All rights reserved. Starred review. 

The White Dove captures your imagination and takes you to another time. You travel the journey for freedom from tyranny and get lost in the struggles of Tasha. A perfect book for young readers or readers of any age. You will not want to set it down but keep reading until you turn the last page.” Stephanie Gerla 

"The White Dove is both a good old-fashioned adventure tale and a modern fantasy with a strong female protagonist. Tasha is the daughter of a principled king who abdicated the throne because he believed in democracy, not aristocracy. Now Tasha’s father is dead and another man, Comnor, is falsely claiming to be king. No overindulged princess, Tasha aligns herself with the Resistance and actively fights for her father’s dreams. This fast-paced book combines the accessibility of contemporary fiction with the stateliness of the old classics." Nancy Loewen


Author: Lois Thompson Bartholomew
Narrator: Elena Anderson
Run time: 4 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 11/26/2021