Why is There No Lasting Revival

Why is There No Lasting Revival

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Why is There No Lasting Revival is a sermon that shows the issues that stop revivals from continuing.

Bill Vincent is no stranger to understanding the power of God. Not only has he spent over twenty years as a Minister with a strong prophetic anointing, he is now also an Apostle and Author with Revival Waves of Glory Ministries.

Bill offers a wide range of writings and teachings from deliverance, to experiencing presence of God and developing Apostolic cutting edge Church structure. Drawing on the power of the Holy Spirit through years of experience in Revival and Spiritual Sensitivity. Bill now focuses mainly on pursuing the Presence of God and maintaining Revival.

His books 50 and counting has since helped many people to overcome the spirits and curses of Satan.


Author: Bill Vincent
Narrator: Bill Vincent
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 52 minutes
Release Date: 02/15/2020