Wife of Ay: A Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Prequel

Wife of Ay: A Lost Pharaoh Chronicles Prequel

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Temehu, the daughter of Nomarch Paser, is expected to live a certain life, marry at a certain age to a man of certain status, and have children.

But in her attempts to pursue what she wants for her life, she finds herself questioning the fate of her heart on the journey to the afterlife. Enduring the wrath of a new jealous stepmother and the nobility's harmful gossip and ostracism does not soothe her reservations either.

Is she reaping divine punishment for her deeds? Will she find peace for her eternal soul? Find out in this coming-of-age drama set in the New Kingdom of Egypt.

Wife of Ay is the second prequel of Lauren Lee Merewether's debut series, The Lost Pharaoh Chronicles, a resurrection of an erased time that follows the five kings of Egypt who were lost to history for over three millennia. The prequel collection continues with Paaten's War and the series begins with book one, Salvation in the Sun.

"...Wife of Ay is truly, absolutely phenomenal. Ten out of ten..." - Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"...a sweeping tale of family life for upper-class society in this period of Egyptian history..." - Grant Leishman for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)

"Merewether delivers another fantastic and engaging slice of ancient history with this immersive and emotive novel." - K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite (★★★★★)


Author: Lauren Lee Merewether
Narrator: Josselyn Cambridge
Publisher: LLMBooks Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 27 minutes
Release Date: 01/09/2023