Will the Weird Worker: The boy who willingly worked to be a man.

Will the Weird Worker: The boy who willingly worked to be a man.

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Looking for a great children’s book? Enter Will’s world to see how “weird” or different he is compared to those around him. Let kids discover how to become weird like Will! Some kids “want” to do whatever they want and some kids grow up weird like Will, wanting to do the right thing early in life. Are your kids growing up like Will? Are your kids ready for the world? Are your kids ready to grow up differently and become weird? Let’s train up the next generation with a willingness to work and help others. Maybe the next generation will grow up to be humble and strong in character. Maybe the older generation truly becomes wise as young people learn from them! Imagine a world of young people growing up mature and loving – what a “weird” world that would be!

HOW TO USE THE BOOK: The book provides a helpful contrast for kids to see the difference between Will and other kids in his life. Use the book to provoke great teaching time as parents and teachers. Pastors and churches will discover the how the book’s concepts come from the Bible, history, and real-time examples. The Bible’s book of Proverbs addresses how kids are to be trained up and their hearts are to change along with their character and work. The book provides the connection between “wanting” to do something that’s right and also acting accordingly. Use the reading questions at the end of the book to begin discussing with the kids.


Author: Mr. Nate Gunter, Mr. Nate Books
Narrator: Mr. Nate Gunter
Publisher: TGJS Publishing
Run time: 7 minutes
Release Date: 12/10/2020