Witch of Wealth and Ruin: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Witch of Wealth and Ruin: An Epic Fantasy Adventure

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The flood is coming, and sooner than anyone thought.

Burdened with visions of the end, mourning the loss of her allies, and desperate to save a lover trapped under her enemy’s control, Aletheia seeks aid in the opulent city-state of Dahran. A family friend there reveals the location of her father’s papers, key to stopping the flood and understanding her enemy’s power.

It seems like the perfect heist—until the friend betrays her, stealing the papers and locking Aletheia in a gladiator prison.

As the flood draws close, she faces an impossible choice: escape at the cost of serving her betrayer, or fight her way free over the bodies of the allies she makes inside.

Witch of Wealth and Ruin is the epic follow-up to the award-winning Daughter of Flood and Fury, book one of the Tidecaller Chronicles. If you like strong female leads, clever magic, and page-turning action, you’ll love this epic fantasy adventure.


Author: Levi Jacobs
Narrator: Kelvin Myers
Publisher: Americon Industries
Run time: 9 hours 43 minutes
Release Date: 05/14/2021