Without A Doubt

Without A Doubt

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How did the worst date of his life turn in to the man of his dreams?

Carter Winter’s not sure there’s anything worse than watching the man he’s on a date with slip his number to the bartender… except maybe finding out six months later that his bad date is his new boss. And it doesn’t help that Rhys London seems to have had a personality transplant, and he doesn’t seem to remember Carter or that night.

Carter’s never been one for second chances, but this new Rhys is making him wonder if it’s possible that the man really has changed. Carter’s been burned before, but being graced with one of the man’s rare smiles, Carter finds himself absolutely helpless against the racing beat of his heart.

Rhys London has never been a man of feeling. A widower who spends most of his life running his company and cleaning up after his destructive brother, he hasn’t had time for things like love. 

That is, until his business partner hires Carter Winter—a bright, beautiful man who forces the heart in Rhys’ chest to start beating again.

And while Rhys is used to shutting off his emotions and embracing logic, something about Carter makes him want to reach for the unreachable. After all, Carter is the first person he’s ever met that makes him believe in forever, without a single doubt.

Without A Doubt is the first book in a romantic, light-hearted, small town trilogy. It contains no cheating, and a happily ever after.


Author: E.M. Lindsey
Narrator: Nick Hudson
Publisher: E.M. Lindsey
Run time: 8 hours 17 minutes
Release Date: 06/18/2021