Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance

Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance

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A rollicking adventure: Can a quick-witted thief assassinate an almighty wizard lord? 

"Good old-fashioned fantasy, dripping with action, intrigue, and snark." - Author Graham Austin-King

Power. The ambitious thirst for it.

In a realm where wizards rule, those able to claim a throne are granted the power of a god.

How can one defeat a god?

A clever thief, a determined acrobat, and a troubled dwarf are joined by an old storyteller as they attempt the impossible: Assassinate a wizard lord. Their slim hope relies on an enchanted amulet, the Eye of Obscurance.

These unwitting pawns are embroiled in a contest of wizards. The stakes: The fate of the world.

From bestselling author Jeffrey L. Kohanek comes the first novel in an epic fantasy saga where magic reigns, wizards scheme for power, and the world teeters on the edge of breaking, perfect for readers who enjoy books by Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, or Robert Jordan.


Author: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
Narrator: Travis Baldree
Publisher: Fallbrandt Press
Run time: 10 hours 26 minutes
Release Date: 10/02/2019