Wizardoms: Objects of Power

Wizardoms: Objects of Power

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Prophecy foretells the Dark Lord's rise, sparking a desperate quest for magical relics.

A ruthless wizard lord conquers a neighboring wizardom, increasing his magic far beyond mere mortals. The more power he gains, the more he craves. 

While wizardoms war against one another, the Dark Lord rises. An army of monsters invades, sending the world toward the brink of doom. 

A team of misfits find themselves the fulcrum point of destiny, their world teetering upon their actions, certain to crumble should they fail. Led by cryptic passages from a dark prophecy, these heroes set off on two separate quests.

One expedition leads to the Enchanter's Isle, rumored to hide a mysterious object known as the Band of Amalgamation. The other involves the Arc of Radiance, a sacred object protected by a lost race of elves.

What powers might these two enchanted relics unlock?

Can they be recovered before it is too late?

Objects of Power continues the Fate of Wizardoms epic, a sprawling fantasy saga loaded with magic, mystery, and discovery.


Author: Jeffrey L. Kohanek
Narrator: Travis Baldree
Publisher: Fallbrandt Press
Run time: 10 hours 6 minutes
Release Date: 06/08/2020