Wren's Story: Epilogue For The Chronicles of Thamon

Wren's Story: Epilogue For The Chronicles of Thamon

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When friendship is stronger than fear…

When Wren’s friend Meg sacrifices her life to save the people of Thamon, Wren realizes that what she has hidden on her home planet may return Meg to life.

Returning home to get help, Wren discovers her planet is dying, and she alone knows the answer to how to save it.

But will anyone listen to her? Her parents banished her for disobeying the prophecy that she must marry Oloron.

Does Wren prove the prophecies are false in time? Or will the evil king, Oloron, find what she had hidden before she can retrieve it and use it to destroy the planet with his lust for power.

Read this short story on its own, or to learn the answer to the question posed at the end of Discovered, the third book in the Chronicles of Thamon.


Author: Beca Lewis
Narrator: Beca Lewis
Publisher: Perception Publishing
Run time: 47 minutes
Release Date: 12/06/2020