You Are Born to Win

You Are Born to Win

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I do comprehend that my life was predesignated by God before He set the entire universe in order. My adventurous journey of.... Life failures, challenges, and my prison circumstances has caused me to realize that there is no demarcations Which can hinder me from reaching my God given Destiny, unless you place those limitations in your life. Remember that the choices you make today will determined whom you will become tomorrow. You are the product of your mind. Thomas Edison quoted “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realized how close they were to success when they gave up.”

You Are Born To Win is an inspirational Christian autobiography by an extraordinary prisoner whom was convicted to twelve years imprisonment for several high profile cases. Nhlakanipho Tsakane Siyanda Sikobi has spent many awkward years on the street.... sleeping in the cold freezing weather without blankets, he was also imprisoned on many occasions. Nevertheless he never stopped seeking the main core of his dreams, purpose, identity and his destiny through God’s Word regardless of his daily prison ordeals. For the longest loneliest hard times he experienced behind those darkest prison corridors. However God’s light shone upon his life then the zeal of transformation and to discover his Identity was birthed. However he is absolutely certain that winners never intended to be life springbok, nevertheless they are very similar to a chameleon. They can transform their color anywhere and anytime to reflect the environment they are going through. What I believe is, they are born with perseverance they are determined to walk slowly to reach their destiny. Chameleon’s understands that perseverance is the sign of Victory.... No matter where they are they will never change their desire, instinct and determination. Success isn’t for people who run like a springbok. It is for people who will imitate a chameleon whom will never be inferior of how long the journey of success is. However they are determined and optimistic. If your potential to excel is strong enough.... Failure will not defeat the enthusiasm of success within you, and the power to discover the core purpose of life. I’m absolutely certain that failure will uplift you to a better place than yesterday. A genuine success is made up through life’s failures and life’s challenges, it is never made through success activities. Yet failure is the only door and the bridge to go through and to access greener pastures.


Author: Nhlakanipho Tsakane Siyanda Sikobi
Narrator: Kai L
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 14 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 01/24/2020