You're My Kind

You're My Kind

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Would you give your first love a second chance? 

Justine Thomas and Maddie Kind met at university and were the couple most likely. Everybody said so. That is, until Maddie left without saying goodbye.

Ten years later the pair are reunited at a friend’s funeral, and now Justine can’t shake Maddie from her life. But why is she back? Why did she disappear? And more importantly, is she interested in the whole cake, or just one last slice of Justine?

Strap in for a novel that deals with life’s big topics: love, death & cake. Clare Lydon is the queen of British romantic comedy, and this stellar lesbian romance is guaranteed to give you all the feels. It’s unputdownable.


Author: Clare Lydon
Narrator: Nicola Victoria Vincent
Publisher: Custard Books
Run time: 6 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 09/23/2019