Z Horizon: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller Collection

Z Horizon: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller Collection

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Civilizations ravaged by a virus. Desperate survivors fight for scraps as unlikely heroes rise from the ashes.

Z Horizon features 4 full-length, post-apocalypse novels. Get 42+ hours of pulse-pounding action and gripping, apocalyptic characters in this bargain box set.

Undead Ultra - Book 1 of Undead Ultra

Boston Marathon meets The Walking Dead

When a zombie apocalypse suddenly erupts, seasoned runner Kate must journey on foot to reach her son, trapped miles away. And with the hungry undead roaming the streets, it’ll be the hardest race of her life…

Dead Run - Book 1 of Afterworld Apocalypse

Running Man meets 28 Days Later

Plaguers prowl the earth. Humanity has become prey. A war of intrigue rages for control of a vaccine. Sulan and her family of misfits find themselves in the crosshairs of power-hungry warlords. They just might be the key to saving civilization … if it doesn't destroy them first.

Book of John - Book 1 of Jesus Christ Zombie Killer

Game of Thrones meets WWZ

In ancient Galilee, a new evil rises. King Herod conspires with a High Priestess of Death. Using unholy necromancy, they raise an army of the dead. John and his unlikely band of warrior shepherds are all that stand between the world and total destruction. 

Red Virus - Book 1 of Zommunist Invasion

Red Dawn meets Dawn of the Dead

1985. Height of the nuclear tensions between Russia and the US. A sleepy town is the epicenter of a Soviet invasion. But the Russians don't attack with nukes. Instead, they deploy a lethal zombie virus. Leo, an ordinary apple farmer, finds himself caught between Soviet crosshairs and the ravenous undead.

4 deadly outbreaks, 4 collapsed worlds, and the heroes who battle monsters both dead and alive. Get this bargain box set today!


Author: Camille Picott
Narrator: Gwendolyn Druyor, Al Kessel, Molly Secours
Publisher: Camille Picott
Run time: 42 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 12/08/2022